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Safe in Sound: A Comprehensive Reopening Checklist for the Live Entertainment Industry

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The live entertainment industry has been significantly impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with events and venues temporarily shut down to ensure public safety. As the world looks towards reopening, it is crucial for the live entertainment industry to prioritize safety measures and adhere to guidelines that protect both performers and audiences. This article provides a comprehensive reopening checklist for the live entertainment industry, focusing on key areas such as health and safety protocols, venue preparation, audience management, and communication strategies. By following this checklist, industry stakeholders can ensure a safe and successful return to live events. Health and Safety Protocols 1. Regular Sanitization: Develop strict sanitization protocols for all areas of the venue, including staging areas, dressing rooms, restrooms, and common areas. Implement regular cleaning schedules and ensure the availability of hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue. 2. Enhanced Ventilation: Assess and enhance the ventilation systems to maximize airflow and filtration within the venue. Consult with HVAC experts to optimize air quality and minimize the risk of airborne transmission. 3. Social Distancing Measures: Implement social distancing measures, including reducing seating capacities, implementing one-way traffic flow, and spacing out queues for entry, concessions, and restrooms. Clearly mark floor signage and seat markings to facilitate distancing. 4. Temperature Screening: Set up temperature screening stations at entry points to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. Those exhibiting symptoms should be denied entry and advised to seek medical attention. 5. Mask-Wearing Policies: Implement a strict mask-wearing policy for all attendees and staff. Provide clear guidelines on mask usage and ensure compliance throughout the venue. Venue Preparation 1. Safety Signage: Install clear and visible signage throughout the venue to remind attendees of safety protocols, social distancing guidelines, and mask-wearing requirements. Display information about hygiene practices, such as handwashing, cough etiquette, and avoiding physical contact. 2. Contactless Transactions: Encourage contactless transactions for ticketing, concessions, and merchandise sales. Implement mobile ticketing, cashless payment options, and pre-packaged food and beverage options to minimize person-to-person contact. 3. Queue Management: Utilize technology-based solutions such as mobile apps or virtual queuing systems to manage entry, concessions, and restroom queues. This reduces congestion and minimizes contact between attendees. 4. Venue Layout: Reconfigure venue layouts to accommodate social distancing, ensuring appropriate space between seats and aisles. Consider using barriers or dividers to separate seating sections or utilize outdoor spaces for events whenever possible. Audience Management 1. Pre-Event Communication: Provide attendees with clear and detailed pre-event communication about safety protocols, entry procedures, and any venue-specific guidelines. Encourage attendees to familiarize themselves with the information before arriving at the event. 2. Ticket Exchanges and Refunds: Implement flexible ticket exchange and refund policies to accommodate attendees who may have health concerns or experience COVID-related emergencies. Communicate these policies clearly to promote confidence among ticket holders. 3. Attendance Tracking: Implement a comprehensive attendance tracking system to facilitate contact tracing if necessary. Collect accurate and up-to-date contact information from all attendees and maintain it securely. 4. Crowd Control Measures: Employ trained staff to monitor and manage crowd density within the venue. Ensure that social distancing is maintained in common areas such as entrances, exits, and concession stands. Communication Strategies 1. Transparent Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including performers, staff, and attendees. Provide regular updates on safety measures, changing guidelines, and any adjustments to event protocols. 2. Public Health Collaboration: Collaborate with local health authorities to ensure alignment with public health guidelines and regulations. Seek expert advice and stay informed about changing health and safety recommendations. 3. Clear Emergency Procedures: Develop and communicate clear emergency procedures in the event of a public health crisis or other unforeseen circumstances. Train staff on proper protocols and ensure that attendees are aware of evacuation routes and safety measures. 4. Post-Event Feedback: Gather feedback from attendees and staff to continuously improve safety measures and address any concerns or issues that arise. Use surveys or feedback forms to collect information for future event planning. Conclusion As the live entertainment industry prepares to reopen, the safety and well-being of performers, staff, and audiences must be the top priority. By adhering to this comprehensive reopening checklist, industry stakeholders can establish robust health and safety protocols, ensure venue readiness, implement effective audience management strategies, and communicate transparently with all stakeholders. As we navigate the new normal, following these guidelines will not only protect attendees and facilitate safer events but also help rebuild trust and confidence in the live entertainment industry. Through collective efforts, the industry can once again thrive, bringing the joy and magic of live events back to audiences around the world.

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